PES trial exams and assessment packages feature comprehensive annotated solutions and suggested marking guides prepared and reviewed by experienced assessors and meeting VCAA study design requirements.


PES offers trial examination marking services for schools seeking experienced VCAA assessors to mark and provide feedback for schools conducting mid-year and/or end-of-year trial examinations. All assessment comes with an assessment report which will contain an analysis of the students’ performance and a comparison with VCE data from the most recent VCAA assessment period.


Experienced VCAA Assessors.
Provide feedback to schools for examinations.
Provide comparison to VCE data
Supply annotated solutions and marking guides.

About PES

After nearly a decade of writing trial examination papers for companies across Victoria, the founders of P.E.S wanted to offer a more affordable and accessible VCE exam services. With over 50 years experience between them, our two directors sought to create a company with truly comprehensive exam preparation services.
In 2013 P.E.S was launched and now has a network of over 12 teachers from leading secondary schools who collaborate to produce high quality assessments and marking services across various VCE subjects.

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Dear Colleague, PES is a group of leading teachers with vast experience in VCAA assessment in Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies. We provide professionally developed assessment tasks and trial examinations that address the Read more…

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Find our 2020 brochure and exam marking information for Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies.

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